Gordon Parks Museum Supports The Fight Against Social Injustice…

The mission of the Gordon Parks Museum is to celebrate the life and work of Gordon Parks, internationally known photographer, filmmaker, writer and musician; and to use his remarkable life story to teach about artistic creativity, cultural awareness and the role of diversity in our lives.

The Gordon Parks Museum condemns any views of racism and social injustice in the world that some still choose to cling to. Gordon Parks was a champion in the fight against racism, discrimination, and poverty with his weapon of choice: a camera.

This is a struggle and fight that Gordon Parks knew all too well. His iconic work on racism and discrimination, especially during the civil rights movement in the segregated south, shows his resilience to fight against social injustice. Tragedies such as George Floyd’s senseless death are horrific and have no place in our society. Hate must be destroyed and love shall prevail. 

We continue to offer our thoughts and prayers to the Gordon Parks High School in St. Paul, MN that suffered damage from a fire that is believed to be set by racists. The Gordon Parks Museum has and will always continue the mission to not only keep the Gordon Parks legacy alive for generations to come, but to also continue the fight for social justice and to stand up against racism, discrimination and poverty.