The 2020 Gordon Parks Museum Photo Contest

Was Sponsored by Merl Humphrey Photography

Open to any- non-professional photographer

Theme: “Social Justice, Diversity and Equity”

This photo contest was inspired by a quote by the Gordon Parks who was a champion in the fight for social justice and racial equity. His weapons of choice was a camera to fight against racism, discrimination, and poverty.  Photographers were invited to capture the essence of one of the concepts and share one or two sentences on what inspired their photo.

Winners of the Gordon Parks Museum “Social Justice, Diversity, and Equity” photo contest, sponsored by Merl Humphrey Photography, have been chosen.  Fifteen entries were received and the winner of First Place was ‘Yasser Alaa Mobarak’   (Alexandria, Egypt.) with the photo titled “Peace.”  Second Place was Karen Cayce (Wichita, KS) with the photo “A “Grand” Family!.”  Third Place was Noelle Griffin (Leawood, KS) with the photo, “Leading the March.” 

There were 3 Honorable Mentions named: “Everyone have same authority and priority.” by Mandar Phirke (Maharashtra, India.); “Searching For Justice.” by “Karen Cayce (Wichita, KS); and Still Standing.” by Noelle Griffin (Leawood, KS).  First, Second, and Third place winners received cash prizes of $100, $75, and $50 respectively.

Judges for the competition were  Merl Humphrey, Kassie Fugate-Cate, and Tammy Helm.

We would like to thank Merl Humphrey for the support of the contest this year, the judges and all of the photographers that submitted photos for this year’s contest. Below are the photos:

(Protest in Alexandria of Egypt calling for peace and social justice)
I was inspired to photograph the protest during Egyptian revolution
because it was first time for Egyptians to revolt against corruption.

A “Grand” Family!.
Love is the common denominator between two sets of grandparents who adore their grandchild and embrace each other! Diversity at its finest.
Leading the March.
I took these photos at the Black Lives Matter protests at the Country Club Plaza.
I was inspired by the strength and unity of the protesters, even though they were being maced and tear gassed by the police.
Everyone have same authority and priority.

I am inspired by the simplicity, unique styles, unique
combination and also join as a community,
I learn something new from that photography.
Searching For Justice.
I was inspired by a peaceful protest outside the White House about how deportation was
hurting Latino families. I wanted to capture a moment in time
where people were fighting for what they believed in.

Still Standing.
I took these photos at the Black Lives Matter protests at the Country Club Plaza. I was
inspired by the strength and unity of the protesters, even though they
were being maced and tear gassed by the police.

The aging of nature.
What inspired me to take this picture is how amazing it is that even after civilization comes through and builds nature always has a way of making it beautiful.
Demanding change.
This was the first football game of the year, right around right after all the protests (at least hitting the news) were happening, and about a week after Jacob Blake’s death. I didn’t think that anyone would kneel, as sometimes on our Piper community page people are against it, but my classmates don’t care and kneeled to make their and other black voices heard. I of course wanted to capture this moment as it is very powerful, as they are only in high school.
here you go my friend.
I captured this photo as this is something you commonly see at my family farm. As we have a lot of minis, and we like to make sure they get the same opportunities as the big guys.
I felt like this embraces the project while giving another perspective on equity.
Lost or Found.
I was in an old cemetery in KC… I saw this FaceMask on a very old faded tombstone… Black Lives Matter should have been part of that History then… Old and “New”…together now.
Come ON UP.
I took this photo to represent the different people at the same level. I was inspired to take this photo because I feel it presents a good representation of equity,
and a new spin on a classic take.
Talking Loudly in Silence.
My daughter, Katie and her horse, they seemed to have the same
thoughts and quiet, thoughtful look.

When I took this photo, I saw her expression of exhaustion and found it to be relatable
to anyone. It shows that no one is immune to hard times and exhaustion.
Diversity Friendship.
2 Friends walking down a hall way displaying Gordon Parks photos… (Mercy Hospital)…It reminded me of that wonderful photo Gordon Parks took of 2 children happily walking down a path in Fort Scott when he made the movie THE LEARNING TREE.
Beautiful Morning.
I took this photo on the morning of a goose hunt. Something that I love about waterfowl hunting is getting to see a beautiful sunrise every time I go.