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Winners of the 2021 Gordon Parks Celebration “Fashion & Diversity” photo contest, sponsored by Merl Humphrey Photography, have been chosen.  Twenty-six entries were received and the winner of First Place was Johanna Walker (Franklin, KS) with the photo titled “Spotlight.”  Second Place was also Johanna Walker with the photo “Johnny.”  Third Place was Frank Clay with his photo, “Enjoying Each Other.” 


There were 6 Honorable Mentions named: “Diversity.” by  (Yasser Alaa Mobarak,( Alexandria, Egypt.); “Skating the Disaster.” by Julie Steck (Merriam, KS); “Jewels of Plenty” by Bareigh Farrell (Fort Scott); “Portrait.” by Yasser Alaa Mobarak,  (Alexandria, Egypt); “Queen of Color” by Alexxus Browning, Tulsa, OK and “Baby Blue.” by Adelay Martin (Redfield, KS).  First, Second, and Third place winners received cash prizes of $100, $75, and $50 respectively.


The contest was open to any non-professional photographer and was inspired by Gordon Parks, who started his career in fashion photography and chose a camera to fight against racism, discrimination, and poverty.

Judges for the photo contest was professional photographer, Veretta Cobler and established make-up artist and hair stylist, Donna Fumoso based in New York City.

2021 Top Three

The 2021 Gordon Parks Photo Contest 

(First Place) by Johanna Walker


(Second Place) by Johanna Walker


"Enjoying Each Other" 
(Third Place) by Frank Clay

Enjoying Each Other.jpg
Diversity     Diverse women wearing colorful clothes entering Jagdish temple in Udaipur, I

 " Diversity"
(Honorable Mention) by Yasser Alaa Mobarak

Diversity     Diverse women wearing colorful clothes entering Jagdish temple in Udaipur, India.

Skating the “disaster”, Gordon Parks fashion has the birds eye view of this diverse.jpg

"Skating by Disaster" (Honorable Mention) by Julie Steck

Jewels of Plenty.JPG

"Jewels of Plenty"
(Honorable Mention) by Bareigh Farrell

Mention) by  Yasser Alaa Mobarak            
  Portrait of young girl taken in Kom El-Dikka region in Alexandria, Egypt

"Queen of Color" (Honorable Mention) by Alexuss Browning

"Baby Blue"  (Honorable Mention) by Adelay Martin

Simple Joys Kaydra Woods.jpg

"Simple Joys" by Kaydra Woods

"The Old Library" by Kera Lawrence 

"Measuring by Eye" Karen E. Griffin

"Mamba Style" by Karen Case

"In My Shoes" by
John Walker

"Lone Road"
by Kera Lawrence

"Heavenly Fire" by Trace Neimann

"Spin!" by Kaydra Woods

"Flying to Make a Difference" by Karen E. Griffin

"Girls Are From Venus" by Megan Conner

"Father & Son" by Karen Case

"Born in Wrong Time" by Megan Conner

"Diversity made this skatepark,         Diversity, fashion & practice makes “YOU” by Julie Steck

"Dream Team" by Adelay Martin

"Color Diversity" by Devilynne Gomez 

"Better Together" by Alexuss Browning

"Natural Inclusion" by Frank Clay

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