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Jake Kiner's Farm Scene, 1968

Scene Information

Several scenes took place at this location. The barn scenes took place in the big barn to the north of the house with the name “Alex Mason” on the side. The apple orchard scene was located on the south side and corner of the house. The following scenes depict:

  1. Newt, Jappy, Skunk, Beansy, and Marcus stealing apples from Jake Kiner’s orchard. A fight breaks out between Jake and the boys, and Marcus ends up seriously injuring Jake.

  2. Booker T. Savage breaking into Jake Kiner’s barn to steal bottles of moonshine. Jake is murdered and Newt, hiding in the hayloft, witnesses the killing.

  3. Jake Kiner’s funeral procession. The funeral procession is on the road in front of the farm house moving north down the hill from the south.


Scene Location

The farm is located on 235th & Valley Road approximately 10-15 minutes north of Fort Scott.

Fun Facts 

  • The Character of Silas Newhall was played by actor, Malcolm Atterbury. He had several guest starring roles in many popular TV shows such as Gunsmoke, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchock Presents, Bonanza, Andy Griffin Show and many others.

  • The character Booker T. Savage was played by

  • The Mason Farm

  • The Farm was built

  • The Barn was resided with medal siding

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