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The Barn and Tornado Scene, 1968

Scene Information

The opening scene of the film takes place here. Newt gets caught in an unexpected storm producing a devastating tornado. He is injured as he runs from the storm; Big Mabel sees Newt and helps him find shelter in a nearby barn.


Scene Location

The barn and tornado scene was located on top of the hill behind the sign. The barn was located approximately where the current barn/home is now.  The film crew made the tornado look as if it was coming from the far northwest pasture across the street from the hill. Big Mabel finds Newt approximately 100 feet west of the current barn/house on top of the hill. 

Driving Directions 

1509 325th Street

Fun Facts 

  • The film crew used a storm machine to create the wind. Three airplane engines and propellers with the engines geared in reverse. The rain was manufactured and hauled in by the City of Fort Scott water wagon with a generator and special extra size rain nozzle.

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