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Langston Hughes and Gordon Parks


The Harlem Renaissance


and the Renaissance Man




 Hughes-Parks Traveling Exhibit Display

A panel-display exhibit featuring the collaborations and connections between Gordon Parks and Langston Hughes is now available for temporary loan-out to educational entities and organizations across the state of Kansas.

Titled “Harlem Renaissance and the Renaissance Man,” the display highlights and explores the history, journey and friendship of the two men, one a poet (Hughes) and the other a photographer (Parks), and their impact on the arts.



The museum has four identical versions of the panel display ready to travel to schools, colleges, universities, libraries, etc. The displays were made possible through an award grant with Humanities Kansas and support by Kansas Tourism.


The exhibit display creates a great opportunity in helping to keep both of the legacies and triumphs of Langston Hughes and Gordon Parks alive. 


The panels are 36-inches-by-91-inches and include graphics, photos and text information and a QR code. They come with a carrying case with wheels that can easily be moved for display at varying locations. There is no charge for renting the displays, but certain fees might apply for delivery, set-up, shipping, etc.


For more information about having one of the panels on display at your location, contact the museum by phone at (620) 223-2700, ext. 5850, or by email at

More Information Coming Soon...

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