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"The Learning Tree Award" 

Given annually by the
Gordon Parks Museum Board

The Gordon Parks Museum established the “The Learning Tree Award” in May of 2023.  It will be awarded at the annual Gordon Parks Celebration, held each October on the campus of Fort Scott Community College.


Named after Gordon’s semi-autobiographical novel and film of the same name, this powerful story tells of a young man growing into manhood in the 1920’s while dealing with racism, poverty, love and tragic events. The story is also of a mother who places love, dignity and hard work over hatred.  She teaches him about life lessons learned and allowing let Cherokee Flats be his Learning Tree.


“The Learning Tree Award” is an award created to recognize an individual that is either emerging in the field of arts with exceptional artistic merit, supporting and promoting of the arts, or championing of the arts for their outstanding dedication, perseverance, commitment to excellence in their community.

            “The Learning Tree Award” 2023 Recipients









Jill Warford, was the inaugural award recipient. Jill was is the executive director of the Gordon Parks Museum at Fort Scott Community College in Fort Scott, Kansas for 14 years from 2004 - 2018. 



Past Choice of Weapons Award Recipients

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