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The Picnic Scene, 1968

Scene Information

The picnic scenes took place here and included the exterior and interior footage of the shelter house and surrounding area of Gunn Park.  The opening scene is a view from the south end of the lake. In this scene, Newt introduces Arcella to his Uncle Rob while the family is eating at a picnic table approximately 200 yards to the south of the shelter house.  Prissy, Newt’s sister, teases Newt by chanting, “Newt has a girlfriend.”  It is at this location Newt and Arcella spend time boating, sack racing, walking together and watching fireworks across the lake. 


Scene Location

The scene is located at Shelter Hour 1 in Gunn Park, 1010 Parks Ave. Fort Scott.

Fun Facts 
  • Several residents of the community were extras in the picnic scenes while eating, boating, fishing, playing games and watching the fireworks. Despite being filmed in the fall, hundreds of flowers in bloom were placed strategically around in the background to give the illusion of spring/ summer.

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