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Filming the Judge's Home Scene, 1968

Scene Information

This scene location depicts the home of Judge Cavanaugh where filming was completed both inside and outside the home.  This was the home in which Sarah Winger worked as a maid, and where Newt and his mother and father talk to the Judge about the crime he witnessed at Jake Kiner’s Barn.


Scene Location

The house is located at 924 S. National, Fort Scott

Fun Facts 
  • Home owners at the time of filming were Gerald and Mildred Scott. The Scott’s bought the home in 1946.

  • This three-story home was built in 1884. First owner was Mr.Barreaus who was originally from Chicago

  • The home has had very little structure changes.

  • The home has the name of Rose Haven.

  • During filming, the main road National Ave was blocked off for traffic.

  • Brothers Playing Brothers- Actors Zooey Hall and his younger brother Patrick play the roles of brothers in the film as Chauncy and Rodney Cavanaugh respectively. Both are sons of the Judge in the film.​

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