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Ariel Views of the Location

The Courthouse Scene, 1968

Scene Information

This is the location of the entire courtroom scene where the trial takes place for the murder of Jake Kiner. The suspenseful scene is when the real killer, Booker T. Savage, is exposed. Many Fort Scott and Mound City locals were used as extras portraying jurors, people in the courtroom gallery, and people walking around outside the courthouse. The footage was also taken of the exterior of the courthouse and the grounds.  


Scene Location

The courthouse is located in Mound City, KS at 318 W Chestnut St, Mound City, KS 66056. This is approximately 20 miles north of Fort Scott, KS

Fun Facts

  • The Jailhouse scene where Marcus was locked up was also located in Mound City. The Jailhouse was located near the courthouse but was torn down.

  • The Linn County Courthouse maintains much of its original look today.

  • A building In Mound City, the Randle Hardware Store at the time, went to Hollywood. Warner Bros. used the building front in western films.

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