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The High School Scene, 1968

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Scene Information

The Fort Scott Senior High School was used extensively for interior and exterior scenes, but the three-story structure where the classroom and principal’s office filming took place was demolished in 2015 as part of a bond issue for district-wide improvements. In the classroom scene, Newt confronts his teacher, Miss McClintock, about her racist views about black students. Later, Newt shares his concerns with the principal and observes Arcella getting in the car with Chauncy Cavanaugh. Chauncy’s car was located near this sign and faced north along Main Street.

Scene Location

The High School is located at 1005 S. Main St. Fort Scott.

Fun Facts

  • Gordon Parks attended the same Fort Scott Senior High School his freshman year, and then he moved to Saint Paul Minn. 

  • The Fort Scott Senior High School building has gone through significant changes and improvements to the building and grounds since the filming that took place in 1968. During the filming the front of the building where the parking lot is was a raised grassed area with trees at a high raised level with stone walls around the grounds. The front parking stalls have always been in the same location along with the current stone walls. The north side of the building was remodeled and a theater was then constructed.

  • Originally, Fort Scott Junior College shared the Fort Scott High School building and operated as an extension of the high school program for students’ 13th and 14th years of public education. Established in 1919, Fort Scott Community College is the oldest public community college in Kansas. In 1921 the first graduating class had two members.

  • Due to an increase in the amount of junior college students enrolled along with the lack of space in the school, The JUCO wing structure was built in 1939. In 1965 the college was renamed to Fort Scott Community Junior College… After Bourbon County voters approved a general –obligation bond issue to purchase the land and construct the first two buildings, about 200 students moved to the present 150-acre campus in October 1967.

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