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Gordon Parks Museum Receives Humanities Kansas Grant

Apr 24, 2023

The Gordon Parks receives funds for the Langston Hughes and Gordon Parks Exhibit Display

Humanities Kansas recently awarded $6,979 to the Gordon Parks Museum in Fort Scott to support “Langston Hughes and Gordon Parks Exhibit Display,” a moveable exhibit that explores the works and friendship between two cultural giants who had roots in Kansas. Kirk Sharp serves as project director.

This project will produce exhibit panel displays with a theme that highlights both Langston’s and Gordon’s lives and careers. The displays will target the history, journey, friendship, collaborations and connection of these two pioneers in the field of arts.

The panel displays will include graphics, photos and text information and follow both of their journeys as a poet and photographer, respectively and their impact on the arts. These panels will be portable, so they could easily be moved and displayed at different universities, libraries, and organizations across the state of Kansas.

The project will also feature the launch of the exhibit display and speakers’ presentation on Langston Hughes and Gordon Parks, during the 20th annual Gordon Parks Celebration at the Gordon Parks Museum in Fort Scott, Kansas on October 5–7, 2023. During the celebration, there will also be a digital interactive display on Langston Hughes and Gordon Parks. “The exhibit displays creates a great opportunity in helping to keep both of the legacies and triumphs of Langston Hughes and Gordon Parks alive.” said Kirk Sharp, Gordon Parks Museum Executive Director.

“Humanities Kansas believes that Kansans are energized by people engaging with history,” said Julie Mulvihill, Humanities Kansas Executive Director. “This traveling exhibit project will connect people with their past and strengthen a sense of community and pride of place.”

About Humanities Kansas

Humanities Kansas is an independent nonprofit spearheading a movement of ideas to empower the people of Kansas to strengthen their communities and our democracy. Since 1972, HK's pioneering programming, grants, and partnerships have documented and shared stories to spark conversations and generate insights. Together with statewide partners and supporters, HK inspires all Kansans to draw on diverse histories, literatures, and cultures to enrich their lives and to serve the communities and state we all proudly call home. Visit

Gordon Parks Portrait, Photo courtesy of the Fort Scott Genealogy Society.

Langston Hughes, Chicago, 1941, Photo taken by Gordon Parks. Photo courtesy of the Ulrich Museum of Art Permanent Collection and courtesy of The Gordon Parks Foundation.

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